Why Do Women Put Perfume On Their Wrists and Ankles?

We've seen it on the screens for decades: a woman daintily picks up a perfume bottle, holding it close to her, before spritzing the scent on her neckline, chest and, wait, her wrist? And her ankles? Who on earth is grabbing someone's wrist and lifting it for a sniff? Why do women put perfume on their wrists and ankles? Let's look deeper at today's blog from your fragrance experts in The Essence Vault. 


Why Do Women Put Perfume On Their Wrists?

It's all science; women, in particular, have been known to apply perfume to their wrists and ankles. This is because the warmest spots on your body consistently emit heat, causing the perfume to become more poignant and last longer on the skin. The body heat your body produces causes the perfume to dry and maximise its scent, activating a burst of fragrance that becomes even more prominent and intense.

Perfume matters; for many women, it is a crucial part of their daily routine; 54.7% wear perfume on a daily basis and many people expect a Parfum to last 8-12 hours.

For more on why women choose to wear perfume, see our recent blog, 'Beyond Smelling Good: Why Do Women Wear Perfume'. 

Image of a woman spraying one of The Essence Vault perfume on their wrist, Why Do Women Put Perfume On Their Wrists and Ankles


Does Applying Perfume on the Wrists Make it Last Longer?

Yes and no. As mentioned earlier, body temperature amplifies your perfume's scent when spraying onto your pulse points. Your pulse points include wrists, behind your ears, backs of the knees, ankles and insides of your elbows. 

The average shelf life of your favourite fragrance is most likely around 5-6 years, and when applied to pulse points on your body like the wrists and neck, perfume typically lasts between 4-6 hours

However, this can vary due to environmental factors, body chemistry and the type of perfume, including base notes. Perfume also tends to lose its scent on dry skin, making it difficult for scents to latch onto your skin in winter. We recommend moisturising before applying your perfume to trap fragrance on your skin and keep your fragrance fresh.

Why do Women put Perfume on their Ankles?

Imagine lifting your ankle high to apply your perfume; this might give you a bit of a giggle. However, the true reason as to why do women put perfume on their ankles, has less to do with body heat and more to do with how your body moves. 

Steven Claisse is a Senior Perfumer responsible for creating a range of high-profile fragrances. Steven believes that perfume should always be worn on your ankles because they are always in motion, helping a fragrance to project wherever you go and float from head to toe. 

Scientifically speaking, movement creates hot spots on your entire body, and most movement is supported by our feet and ankles, allowing them to create friction, generate heat and enhance the fragrance experience for yourself and others around you.

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

At The Essence Vault, our designer-inspired, long-lasting fragrances are tried and tested to last longer than the typical, small, mortgage-costing fragrances. However, we have some top tips for increasing the longevity of your favourite scents to up your perfume game.

  1. Clean the areas of your body using soap or body wash.
  2. Apply moisturiser to your damp skin and allow it to dry almost completely.
  3. Spritz your perfume on moisturised skin and avoid friction with clothing for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Ensure you do all of the above to your neck, behind your ears, and the inside of your elbows, ankles, knees, and wrists.

 Image of a woman spraying one of The Essence Vault perfumes on their neck, Why Do Women Put Perfume On Their Wrists and Ankles

Our Final Thoughts

Applying a direct spritz of perfume to a particular area of your body can enhance your favourite fragrances. It goes much beyond giving a classy, feminine, sultry look to a woman as they carefully apply perfume to their neck and chest. 

It uses your pulse points and elevated body heat to activate particular fragrance oils and scents within a perfume to create a long-lasting scent. Your wrists and ankles are the areas of your body with higher blood flow, enhancing a fragrance and emitting a subtle yet consistent fragrance during the day. 

Women have also been encouraged to apply perfume directly to their wrists and ankles, amongst other pulse points, as an attempt to mix the scent with their natural body odour. By following our tips on applying perfume for a long-lasting effect, you can fully enjoy the sensory experience of perfume and enhance your scent to others.

The Essence Vault creates long-lasting perfumes inspired by designer fragrances at an affordable price; see our luxury range of women's perfumes and find your perfect match today. Happy spritzing!

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