What are Fragrance Notes?

Creating fragrances is like creating music. There are notes you’d hear loudly, and they are often accompanied by melodies, giving new sounds and bringing new feelings.

Your favourite designer perfumes have the same structure, and it isn’t another metaphor. They are called the ‘perfume or fragrance notes’.

What are fragrance notes?

A fragrance has three different notes.

The first one is the top note or headnote. It is the scent you smell first upon applying your perfume. It usually gives off that “fresh” or “sharp” or “assertive” description to your chosen scent. It is the strongest scent, but it is also the fastest to evaporate.

The second is called the middle note or heart note. As soon as the first scent or the top notes disperse, it is what you smell next. The middle notes usually last from 20 minutes to an hour upon application.

The last one is the base note. It is observed as soon as the middle notes fade and can last until the perfume dries down. The base notes add to the depth and solidity of a perfume. It helps strengthen the top and middle notes and the last smell to die down.


The perfect scent for your personality

Mixing and matching of different ingredients can help create various scents, and each can be mixed according to what personality or feel you’re trying to achieve.

If you want a sweet and sunny feel, go for the fruity scents. This scent is perfect for summer. They are easy to wear, smell so sweet, and give off that young and free vibe.

If you want to appear sensual and delicate, go for the classic vanilla. It is a perfect mix of sweet, sexy, and soft, which they say men find pleasing. It has been called a natural aphrodisiac since the 1700s. Its sweet odour brings a euphoric effect that gives that sensual mood.

If you want an adventurous and confident scent, go for jasmine. Jasmine is a small flower that gives off a strong, unique smell. It is a perfect fit for people with strong personalities, who love to make grand entrances.

If you want to feel bright and carefree, go for the citrus scent. At home, the smell of citrus makes the house smell fresh and clean. In essential oils, the citrus scent is the most refreshing and uplifting. The same goes for your perfume. You’d feel light, free, and easy when you choose a citrus fragrance.



Now that you know how a scent is made, identifying one for yourself or loved ones would be easier now. On our website, we break down the top notes, middle notes, and base notes of all the essence fragrances we offer. You can already imagine the scent without smelling them. As long as you know the fragrance that suits your personality and preferences best, you’d have no problem finding the perfect scent!

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