Discover the fragrance company that can help you smell better, for less.

Tired of forking out a fortune for your favourite designer fragrances?

Or maybe you’ve just had enough of companies that harm our planet and the animals that inhabit it?
The alternative is The Essence Vault. A designer inspired company that has sold over 1 million bottles in the UK with five star reviews, everywhere.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free with magic clinging to every spritz, here’s four reasons why the Essence Vault is the one for you.

Reason 1

They are packed with quality...

Despite providing their products for a fraction of the price of those of their designer counterparts, The Essence Vault don’t hold back on scent quality and pack their pouches of magic with a serious punch. Their scents come across with a depth and sophistication, making them comfortably the most popular dupe company on the market.

Reason 2

they last all day!

The Essence Vault pride themselves on the longevity of their fragrances. Their staying power is impressive and has led to the company acquiring many admirers. One of which; Holly M said; “I applied the perfume last night and it is 8pm the next day and I can still smell it very strongly. I will 100% be repurchasing.” Their fragrances are full strength; Eau De Perfume rather than the weaker Eau De Toilette.

Reason 3

Ideally sized...

The Essence Vault’s bottles sport a simple, clean design that oozes class. Their 30ml bottles are perfect for someone who is always on the go, small in stature but big in heart. The perfect accessory to add to your handbag.

Reason 4

Vegan Friendly and Cruelty free...

It's refreshing to find companies these days who like to do the ‘morally’ correct thing. And the Essence Vault thankfully fall in to this category. They only use fragrance oils that are both vegan friendly and obviously course cruelty free, looking after our environment and protecting our furry friends.

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