Be Boujee on a Budget: Affordable Perfume For Women

In 2024, keeping your perfume collection topped up can be a challenge, as research shows that consumers have quite dramatically adjusted their spending behaviours, with the majority (53%) of global consumers “holding back” on non-essential spending. At The Essence Vault, we believe that perfume doesn't have to break the bank, so we have created an extensive range of affordable perfume for women inspired by the designer brands you know and love.


Dupe Truths

72% of women who took part in a survey revealed that they have a "signature scent", which is one of the reasons The Essence Vault was created to help our consumers get their hands on their favourite scents at an affordable price. 

The Essence Vault team uses the highest quality fragrance oils to create the perfect perfume for women that is long-lasting and settles on your skin for the whole day. We take great pride in creating affordable perfumes that are vegan-friendly and have not been tested on animals. Our brand ensures that smelling good will never come at the expense of animal welfare or environmental integrity.

If you're searching for a perfume but are unsure of how to choose the right perfume, take a look at our recent blog, 'Discover Your Scent: How to Choose Perfume', which includes finding your perfect scent family and discovering your scent preferences. 


Choosing an Affordable Perfume That Suits You

Discovering your perfect scent that reflects your personality and personal preference should not cost an arm and a leg, which is why The Essence Vault is on a journey to help women find their perfect, timeless scent that is an extension of their style and personality. 

Step one is to identify your scent profile. Are you drawn to fruity scents, woody scents or a more crisp scent? Do romantic floral notes enamour you with subtle hints of rose, or do aromatic scents naturally resonate with you?

Step two is to consider your personality and lifestyle choices. Your personality can make quite a difference when it comes to choosing a perfume. Are you a bold and adventurous person who loves spending time walking outdoors? Do you enjoy spending time at the beach, around sea salt shining seas and soft sand? Or, perhaps you prefer spending a quiet evening at home? 

Bold, outdoorsy personalities may feel more connected to an oriental, woody scent, whilst calmer personalities may prefer soothing floral or water scents. 

An affordable yet luxurious fragrance doesn't need to skimp on its quality or compatibility with your lifestyle; all you need is a willingness to sniff and a savviness about you, and you can discover a fragrance that you fall in love with without breaking the bank.

Image of a woman washing her hands with The Essence Vault products on the side of the sink, for the blog Be Boujee on a Budget: Affordable Perfume for Women

Our Best-Selling Affordable Perfume for Women

Our list of best-selling affordable perfume for women includes some of our most popular products for a reason. This is down to The Essence Vault creating affordable scents directly replicating the expensive, designer fragrances you see on shop shelves. 

Here are five of our best-selling affordable perfumes for women:

82 - Inspired by Black Opium

Fragrance 82 from The Essence Vault is a captivating scent. It provides its wearers with feelings of vigour and vitality, and scent-sationally combines notes of roasted coffee beans with sweet vanilla and base notes of gorgeous floral fragrance. This fragrance has a physically gratifying scent, combining light and dark notes to captivate all around you.

444 - Inspired by Lost Cherry

444 by The Essence Vault is a luscious blend of black cherry, almond, vanilla and cinnamon, a fan fave from The Essence Vault, our Inspired by Lost Cherry perfume. Inspired by Lost Cherry, this feminine scent uses middle notes of rose and jasmine to enlighten the senses. 

444 - Inspired by La Vie Est Belle

Our sweet scent is inspired by La Vie Est Belle, which exudes blackcurrant and pear notes supported by orange blossom and base notes of vanilla and praline. It offers a fresh scent, which is why it is one of many women's favourite perfumes, producing a joyful yet intimate scent.

479 - Inspired by Libre

Our Libre-inspired perfume is a symbolic scent creating a unique blend of aromatic French lavender, jasmine and orange blossom on a base of Madagascan vanilla to create a unique, unisex, beautiful scent that is long-lasting and impactful from the first spritz. 

540 / 461 - Inspired by Baracatt Rouge

Before we get into this one, we've heard this is Olivia Rodrigo's favourite everyday scent, so if you fancy smelling like a three-time Grammy Award winner see our Baracatt Rouge dupe.

Image of Baracatt Rouge dupe from The Essence Vault for the blog Be Boujee on a Budget: Affordable Perfume for Women

Baracatt Rouge is a celebrity fave for many reasons; its breezy jasmine and saffron notes boost the woody tones of freshly cut cedar and provide a show-stopping scent. It is a bright and sophisticated perfume and comes in a collection of other products, including soap. 

The Essence Vault creates long-lasting perfumes inspired by designer fragrances at an affordable price; see our luxury range of women's perfumes and find your perfect match today. Happy spritzing!

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