How To Apply Women's Perfume

Applying your perfume correctly is a hurdle that any perfume lover faces at some point. If you find that your perfume evaporates into thin air, or is not producing the strong scent it once did, you may be applying it incorrectly. Today's blog from The Essence Vault will give you some tips and tricks on how to apply women's perfume to create a long-lasting scent. 


How to Apply Women's Perfume

Do you want to smell fresh and fragrant without drowning in perfume? From choosing where to apply your perfume to avoiding movie mistakes, here is everything you need to know about applying perfume correctly. So, grab your favourite scent, and let's dive in! 


Should You Spray Perfume on Your Skin or Clothes?

When it comes to wearing perfume on your skin or your clothes, this has been a long-standing debate for perfume wearers across the globe. Applying perfume directly to your skin has a few benefits, including longevity, thanks to the heat and moisture your skin produces intensifying a perfume; it can also increase the personalisation of your perfume as it mixes with your body odour and skin chemistry. 

Applying it directly to clothing, including hats, scarves, and bags, is becoming an increasingly popular way of applying perfume.

Some benefits of applying perfume to clothing include convenience as there is less focus on hitting the pulse points, which can be handy if you are in a rush, and fabrics tend to latch onto fragrances for longer, making your clothing smell and feel fresh.

Choosing where you apply your perfume is entirely down to personal preference. Of course, some fragrances are made using different levels of fragrance concentration. This means some will work better on the skin, like ones with higher alcohol content, which tend to evaporate quickly on clothing.

If you’re looking for the perfect perfume but are unsure where to begin, check out our recent blog, ‘Discover Your Scent: How to Choose Perfume’.

Bonus tip: you can also apply perfume directly to your hair by spritzing once or twice on your hair strands. This will allow the scent to activate with every hair flick.

Image of a woman holding a perfume from The Essence Vault, for the blog how to apply women's perfume

Where Are the Pulse Points and Best Places to Spray Perfume?

The first step in applying perfume correctly is understanding the various pulse points on your body. Your body has multiple pulse points, including your temples, neck, chest, inner elbow, middle of your chest, back of your knees, wrists and ankles. These body parts are where your arteries run the closest to your skin and create extra body heat. 

The heat from your pulse points can help a fragrance develop faster, resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting scent.

According to Gerard Camme, president of the fragrance house, pulse points are the warmest parts of the body, and the heat they produce lends to the perfume dry-down process, which helps to emit the scent.

The best places for women to spritz their perfume are on all the pulse points, around 5 inches from the skin. We’ve created a handy graphic below to help you spray perfume in the right spots for an intensified, long-lasting fragrance. 

An infographic to show the pulse points on a womans body, for the blog how to apply women's perfume

Applying Perfume as a Beginner

At The Essence Vault, we believe no other brand is more qualified than us to take you through five simple steps to achieve the perfect fragrance application.

Step 1: Moisturise

Moisturising clean skin before applying perfume matters; it is one of the most essential steps to the perfect perfume application. If you apply fragrance to dry skin, it will fade quickly, but moisturising the skin with a nice body lotion almost glues the scent to you, allowing it to last longer.  

Step 2: Don’t Crush Your Fragrance 

We have already discussed applying perfume directly to your pulse points. However, a common mistake we see from customers, or simply perfume enthusiasts, is spraying their perfume on pulse points such as their wrists and then rubbing their wrists together.

This is a complete no. You see, rubbing your wrists together after applying a perfume completely crushes the fragrance notes and causes the scent to evaporate quickly. If you’re a creature of habit and can’t resist the urge to rub your wrists together, at least do it slowly! This will minimise the risk of crushing the fragrance molecules and help prolong your perfume's scent.

Step 3: Don't Make the Movie Mistakes 

On the big screen, we see so many mistakes when it comes to applying perfume, such as women spritzing a fragrance 10 inches away from themselves, dancing around in a cloud of perfume mist, or walking through the fragrance. 

This is pretty pointless as it means a lot of the fragrance won't even fall onto your skin or clothing, probably just your carpet. On the other hand, spraying a perfume too close to your skin can cause an irritable flow of liquid, so we advise that all our customers spray their perfume around five inches away.

Step 4: Don't Over Spritz

We're all guilty of the dramatic over-spray; it is so easy to overdo it with perfume and drench yourself in a scent. One, or at most, a couple of spritzes (a bit of perfume goes a long way) on your pulse points should allow a perfume to maintain the same aroma all day.


Our Final Thoughts

There you have it - our top tips on how to apply women's perfume! Now that you have mastered the art of fragrance application, remember that using your perfume is a personal preference. Moisturise your skin, spritz the pulse points, and don't try to channel your inner actress dancing around in a foggy fragrance cloud - you'll be upset when you find the bottle of your favourite fragrances half empty! 

The Essence Vault creates long-lasting perfumes inspired by designer fragrances at an affordable price; see our luxury range of women's perfumes and find your perfect match today. Happy spritzing!

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