The Perfect Mist: How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Is a long-lasting perfume too much to ask for? A few spritzes of perfume are typically expected to last a few hours, with many factors affecting their longevity, like dry skin, the number of sprays and even the weather. In today's blog, our team of perfume perfectionists will help you understand how to make your perfume last longer!

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Unfortunately there is no secret formula that can make your favourite fragrances become ever-lasting. However, we have learnt a few tips and tricks at The Essence Vault on how to improve the longevity of a perfume!

Before we let you in on our fragrant life hacks, we must make clear that dousing an entire perfume bottle's contents on yourself is not one of our hacks and is in fact a waste - so put the bottle down, resist the urge to go spray crazy, and let us help you!

Women wear perfume for various reasons, including to feel confident, sexy and fresh! These feelings shouldn’t be temporary, so we’re keen advocates for tactically achieving perfume longevity!

To make perfume last longer, we suggest strategically applying your perfume and considering which parts of your body you are applying your perfume to. You should also take into account when you are spritzing on your perfume.

Applying your perfume before bed is pretty pointless; no one can enjoy it, and you'll sleep through its effects. However, applying post-shower could enhance those fragrance notes.

Now, where do you store your perfume? Does it shimmer in the sunlight on your windowsill? Does it condensate in the bathroom as your shower? The environment in which your perfume is stored can affect your fragrance in many ways, mostly negative ones.

Image of a hand holding a perfume from the essence vault, for the blog The Perfect Mist: How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Choosing the Application Points

Many women assume that perfume should simply be spritzed on your neck and wrists, leaving you smelling like a dream. So, you may not be aware that various other areas of your body allow your perfume of choice to thrive due to factors like body temperature and moisturised skin.

You should focus the application of your perfume on areas of your body that emit body heat, such as your neck, wrists, behind the ears and inner elbows. It is also important to then consider your clothing choices; if you intend to wear a short sleeve t-shirt, your inner elbows are a great spot for a gentle spritz (remember to spray 5 inches away from your skin), but if you're wearing a long sleeve hoodie, you should probably avoid this area.

When your perfume sits on a part of your body that emits heat, it enhances the fragrance, so it's best to spray it on hotter pulse points. A perfume hack we love at The Essence Vault uses your hair as a personal diffuser by applying perfume onto the strands of your hair so that the fragrance travels with every hair flick.

The Best Time to Apply: On Post-Shower, Hydrated Skin

Post-shower application is the key to a long-lasting perfume, but it requires extra attention.

You see, perfume latches onto the body best when applied to hydrated, freshly moisturised skin. Once you have washed your body from head to toe, apply your choice of body creams and moisturisers to your damp skin. We recommend sticking to fragrance-free options so the moisturiser and perfume don't have to battle it out.

This is because, according to Cordelia Smith, a fragrance expert, dry skin will not hold on to your fragrance as well as moisturised skin. This is due to the fragrance requiring a higher moisture content to amplify its scent. A moisturiser will allow your perfume to 'stick' to your skin longer, creating a long-lasting fragrance throughout the day.

image of someone after a bath or shower applying perfume to their wrist, for the blog The Perfect Mist: How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Storing Your Perfume Right

Your perfume may be fading into nothingness on your body due to being stored incorrectly. A perfume has an average shelf life of 3-5 years, but this can be significantly reduced by storing your fragrances in hot and humid environments, as this can break down the concentration of perfume oil, weakening your fragrance.

We strongly suggest storing your perfumes in dark, dry environments, ideally in their original packaging and boxes, to protect the perfume's longevity. Where possible, you should store your signature scents in cupboards or drawers.


Image of perfume from the essence vault and its item packaging, from the blog The Perfect Mist: How To Make Perfume Last Longer


What Women's Perfume Lasts The Longest

The types of perfumes that last the best tend to be Eau de Parfums, this is because they feature a higher concentration of fragrance oil. According to Mary Wallace, a former marketing manager for a French perfumery, an Eau de Toilette has a concentration level between 8 and 12 percent, whereas a parfum, sees a concentration level of 12 to 18 percent.

For a stronger scent, you are more suited towards purchasing a parfum which will usually linger over a longer period and can be used more sparingly than Eau de Toilette.

Our Long-Lasting Fragrance Tips

At The Essence Vault, our designer-inspired fragrances are tried and tested to last longer than the typical, small, mortgage-costing fragrances using quality fragrance oils.

Here are our top tips for increasing the longevity of your favourite scents:

  • Clean your body using an unscented or lightly scented soap or body wash.
  • Apply moisturiser to your damp skin and allow it to dry almost completely.
  • Spritz your perfume on moisturised skin and avoid friction with clothing for 5-10 minutes.
  • Ensure you do all of the above to your neck, behind your ears, and the inside of your elbows, ankles, knees, and wrists.
  • Store your perfume in a dry, cool place, ideally in its original packaging.
  • Keep your perfume away from heat and sunlight.

The Essence Vault creates long-lasting perfumes inspired by designer fragrances at an affordable price; see our luxury range of women's perfumes and find your perfect match today. Happy spritzing!

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