What Are the Best Women's Perfumes?

The world of perfume is ginormous, with over 17,000 perfumes worldwide. A trip to your local beauty outlet is no longer simple; it takes perseverance, commitment and a lot of patience to gaze around high shelves of funny-looking bottles with names you may not even be able to pronounce. Don't even get us started on trying to spritz as many testers as humanly possible, with security giving you the side eye. In today's blog, our perfume pioneers will help you find the perfect bestseller with just a few scrolls and answer the question, 'What are the best women's perfumes?' 


How to Pick a Long-Lasting Perfume

Discovering your signature fragrance is the adventure of a lifetime for your nose. It takes time, effort and a good sniff! If you’re looking to up your fragrance game, it’s good to understand the various types of fragrance families and how different scents fit into them. 

For example, there are four fragrance families: floral, aromatic, citrus and wood.  A fragrance family is a fun way of putting different fragrances into categories to understand the types of oils that go into making your perfume.

At The Essence Vault, we know that different perfumes are better suited to different occasions and events, day to night. A daytime fragrance is usually much lighter and subtle and from the floral or citrus scent family, whereas an evening fragrance is more aromatic and wooden.

For more on choosing the perfect perfume, see our recent blog, 'Discover Your Scent: How to Choose Perfume'.

Image of 3 perfumes from The Essence Vault, for the blog post What Are the Best Women's Perfumes?

What Are the Best Perfumes for Women? (Our Faves)


Inspired by Lost Cherry - 444

Inspired By Lost Cherry is one of our best sellers at The Essence Vault; from the first spritz, the sweet yet powerful scent of cherry hits you before settling with time into a woody, warm fragrance. It offers a refreshing balance of sweet and spicy tones.

The top notes in this perfume, which are the scents you will smell first, are sour cherry; middle notes, which balance the fragrance out, are roses; and base notes, which last the longest, are sandalwood and vetiver.

Inspired by Black Opium - 82

Inspired By Black Opium is a favourite at The Essence Vault for its not-to-be-understated charm, confidence, and sex appeal; in 2023, its designer counterpart took the top spot of sexiest perfume on this list from Who What Wear. Black Opium is a well-known intoxicating and warm scent. 

Its top notes feature pear and orange blossom, supported by middle notes of coffee and jasmine. The base notes of cedar, patchouli, and notes of vanilla ensure its long-lasting wearability.

Inspired by Libre - 479

Inspired By Libre is a captivating fragrance many women love due to its classy, elegant, and sophisticated scent. It quickly became a signature scent to many, as from the first spritz, a refreshing note of lavender hits your nostrils, creating a calm and relaxing environment. 

Its top notes feature lavender, mandarin orange and blackcurrant. The middle notes consist of more lavender, orange blossom, and jasmine, where the calm and relaxed feeling comes from, as lavender is renowned for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The bottom notes in Libre are fueled by Madagascan vanilla, musk, cedar and ambergris.

Inspired by La Vie Est Belle - 144

Inspired By La Vie Est Belle is a softer, gentler fragrance that should not be underestimated. This stunning blend of fruit and floral notes creates a scent-sual experience for wearers, leaving a powerful, sweet scent trailing wherever you go. 

Its top notes are refreshing pear and blackcurrant, the middle fuelled by pallid iris and jasmine. This fragrance's long-lasting base notes are fuelled by vanilla and praline, making this popular perfume one destined to stand out.

Inspired by Aventus for Women - 75

If you're looking for an empowering, intense, and mesmerising scent, Inspired By Aventus for Her is your new best friend. It is opulent and sensual, with an intense fruity scent that features fragrant pink pepper and blossoms into a delightful luxury perfume. Unsurprisingly, this is one of our customers' favourite scents and one of our best-selling perfumes.

The top notes of pink pepper, green apple, and patchouli create a fresh, confident scent supported by middle notes of sandalwood, rose, and musk. The long-lasting notes are fruity and fun, derived from the essence of blackcurrant, lilac, and peach. 


The Best Celebrity Perfume

As a celebrity-obsessed society, it’s no surprise that we’re intrigued by the scentst they are spritzing.  When it comes to understanding the best women's perfumes, the celebrities know best. Here are two perfumes that some of our favourite celebs always keep close by. 


Love, Don't Be Shy

Research for our previous blog, 'Celebrity Perfume Faves (Rihanna, Tom Holland & More!)' led us to believe that Bad Gal Ri-Ri opts for 'Love, Don't Be Shy'. This fan favourite is a part of the floral fragrance family as it features notes of orange blossom and base notes of light, fluffy marshmallows, creating a joyful, romantic scent.

 Worn by Rihanna.

Baracatt Rouge

IT Girl Olivia Rodrigo spilled her guts to Vogue and told them she likes "perfumes that have a natural musk." The Vampire singer has expressed love for Baracatt Rouge, a sweet and seductive scent which projects warmth and love. It offers delicate notes of floral and savoury essence, making it a must-have for your fragrance wardrobe. 

Worn by Olivia Rodrigo.


So, What Women's Perfume Gets The Most Compliments?

We wouldn't know. That is the honest answer. When it comes to fragrances and perfume, everybody is different, and everyone's olfactory system processes fragrances in unique ways. You may be drawn to fruity perfumes, and your friend or mum may prefer spicy scents! 

At The Essence Vault, we firmly believe in choosing what perfume you prefer based on your personal preferences, not what gets you the most compliments from those around you.

However, if you are looking for inspiration, this Quora thread features perfume fans sharing their most loved and most complimented scents


Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to discovering the best women's perfumes, it's all about discovering what works for you! From the seductive scent of Inspired By Black Opium to the sweet embrace of Inspired By Lost Cherry, diving into the world of women's perfume is an adventure.

Remember, the best perfume for you is the one that fits your vibe and boosts your confidence, regardless of the current TikTok trends. So spritz on a bit of courage, experiment with the fragrances that have caught your eye, and remember: it's all about you.

The Essence Vault creates long-lasting perfumes inspired by famous fragrances at an affordable price; see our luxury range of women's perfumes and find your perfect match today. Happy spritzing!

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