Is Perfume a Good Gift for Valentine's Day?

Love is in the air, and the team at The Essence Vault are pulling a Drake and getting all up in our feelings. As the day of love draws further, we’re here to help minimise the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones to make this Valentine's Day extra special. Don't be fooled; perfume may seem a classic, unoriginal gift idea, but it can be much more personal and memorable than traditional gifts such as chocolates, teddy bears and flowers. So, let’s find out, is perfume a good gift for Valentine's Day? 


Really, is Perfume a Good Gift for Valentine's Day?

Although we may appear slightly biased, picking out a captivating perfume, or ‘Eau De Parfum’ spray, for your partner is the perfect way to show them how much you love them. Here is why we believe perfume is the perfect gift this Valentine's Day:


Show Them Your Odor-Them

Perfumes are incredibly versatile, and finding the perfect one can be thrilling. There are thousands of different brands and aromas to choose from that are suited to any gender, scenario, and mood.

Anyone with a particular favourite smell will likely find a perfume that matches. From exotic citrus to delicate floral notes, you can find someone's perfect gift through a go-to fragrance or scent that reminds you of them.

Think about your Valentine. Are they into romantic fragrances with notes of rose, sandalwood and jasmine or more masculine fragrances that are sharper, spicier woody scents? Have they expressed love for fresh, fruity scents in the past? 

Do they have hobbies matching their fragrance choice perfectly, like the outdoors or baking? The gift will show that you have been thinking about them, but pairing it perfectly with their lifestyle and what they love shows that you pay attention to them and what they enjoy.

Use their personality traits and begin your scent-spotting adventure - you may even discover your own signature scent along the way.


All the Feels

Valentine’s Day is all about ‘the feels’ and emotions, and perfume can activate the body's limbic system, a part of the brain that processes feelings, emotions and memories. According to research, a smell can trigger up to 75% of humans' moods and emotions.

Valentine's Day is not just for couples; platonic Valentine's are just as important. Gift-giving is a love language known to strengthen relationships and build trust. Gifting a friend allows you to develop a more meaningful friendship, allowing both parties to enjoy the emotional benefits of friendship.  

Does your friend talk lovingly about a luxurious perfume loaded with vanilla and tobacco scents that they can't seem to find? Have you noticed them spritzing themselves with a fancy tester whilst shopping? Or have you heard them compliment a mutual friend's scent? 

That's your perfect opportunity to scope out the aisles and online retailers for the perfect match to make them feel special and filled with joy. Research shows that 40% of people admitted they had experienced an improvement in mood after exposure to pleasant scents. 


Reignite Magical Moments

Scents have a magical way of awakening and creating powerful memories that can evoke strong emotions. The French verb 'Sentir' means 'to feel' and 'to smell' as fragrance can transport humans to different times and places.

Consider moments in yours and your Valentine's relationship. Did they wear the perfect scent on your first date that reminds you of them? Have they talked highly of a particular luxurious fragrance their family member wears? Did a specific Eau De Parfum from a romantic getaway stick with you as their signature scent?

The impact of fragrance and scents on our lives is major, as 49% of people report that their earliest fragrance memories were formed between the ages of four and eight.


Show Them You Know Them

Scent matching to a personal look or aura is, in fact, an art, and the way colour and scent complement each other makes perfume the perfect gift for Valentine's. From amber and lavender or cream to notes of vanilla, the scent can almost be an extension of colour.

Say your Valentine likes to channel her inner Elle Woods, appearing pretty in pink; this is your sign to find a sweet scent to compliment their Barbie-esque aesthetic. Consider a light fragrance featuring peaches or blossoms.

Or are you looking at a more Luke Daine-esque character who is regularly seen sporting chequered shirts, jeans and a baseball cap? Look toward dominant notes such as earthy scents featuring a woody fragrance. 

Or is your Valentine more reminiscent of Wednesday Adams, opting for more neutral yet dark tones where more dominant notes of black orchid would compliment their appearance well?


Can you Sniff Out the Perfect Partner?

Valentine's Day gifts can be both romantic and platonic. Perfumes given by your pals are gifts to signify that they appreciate your friendship, and perfumes from a romantic partner can detail what they love about you and your character. 

When it comes to a romantic partner, perfume as a gift is a deeply personal and affectionate gift. 

When you love someone, making them feel respected, wanted and desired is key to a successful relationship, and perfume does an amazing job of creating lust and evoking feelings associated with one's love for a partner. 

Research from Monell Chemical Senses Centre discovered that pleasant smells boost perceptions of physical attractiveness, turning your partner in your eyes into some form of perfectly chiselled hunk or drop-dead gorgeous model. 

Partners who share fragrances or have signature scents are also known to create a sensory connection between themselves, creating feelings of closeness and familiarity. 

More Scent-Sational Valentine’s Gifts

When perfume isn't enough...

If you're genuinely looking to spoil your Valentine this year, complimenting your perfume gift with some extras may be well worth it to make them feel extra special (although quality over quantity always).

Here are five other popular gifts for Valentine's Day: 

  1. Valentine's Day cards are perfect for writing a sweet note to show your love and appreciation for that special someone.
  2. Personalised gifts because nothing says 'I thought of you' more than a personalised Valentine’s card or gift box for their new scent.
  3. Chocolates are undeniably one of the most popular gifts for any occasion, not just Valentine's.
  4. Candles and wax melts are more scented gifts that can complement your Valentine similarly to perfume gifts.
  5. Gift Vouchers for when you've got a picky Valentine on your hands.

 image of a candle from The Essenve Vault, is perfume a good gift for Valentine's day?

Our Final Thoughts

Is perfume a good gift for Valentine's Day? Yes, Perfume is a special gift showing your Valentine that you care deeply about them and their emotions, creating memories and understanding their character well. It is a deeply personal gift that shows thought, respect and affection that can increase physical attractiveness between partners. 

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift this Valentine's, check out our range of designer-inspired perfumes for both men and women inspired by iconic fragrances at great prices.

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