Is Perfume a Good Gift for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your mum! Here at The Essence Vault, we believe in spoiling our loved ones with designer-inspired perfume gifts, and mums are at the top of our priority list! 

Like finding the perfect scent, the importance of showing appreciation to our mothers is immeasurable. So, let's spritz into the debate: Is perfume a good gift for Mother's Day? We're about to sniff out the answer and make this Mother's Day unforgettable!


The Significance of Perfume as a Mother's Day Gift

Perfume has earned its place within gift-giving traditions, embodying your favourite scents and a rich tapestry of historical significance. For hundreds of years, perfumes have been more than just a scent; they've signified affection, status and respect to others. Therefore, choosing perfume as a gift for Mother's Day taps into many emotions and relationship signals.

Perfume Throughout History

Ever since the flirty fragrances of Cleopatra, the power of perfume to convey emotions has been well-recorded; carefully crafted scents have been presented as gifts to honour and delight the receiver for decades.

A Reflection of Mum’s Personality and Spirit

Every mum is different, and each has their own stories and traits. Choosing a perfume carefully can tap into those and capture the essence of who your mum really is. 

Tap into her hobbies; as a gardener, does she fondly love floral fragrances? Or does she have quite the sweet tooth where a sweet scent may capture her preferences more? Does your mum have quite a fiery personality suited to more oriental and woody notes?

Here are some tips from The Essence Vault for choosing a perfect perfume for mum:

  • Look at the scents she loves and why they may be some of her favourites. Does she have a signature scent?
  • Consider her lifestyle and hobbies. Does she prefer outdoor adventures, or is she more of an indoors person?
  • Consider her existing beauty products and what scents they lean towards.
  • Consult with a fragrance specialist or use online tools to match her tastes with new fragrances she might adore.
Image of a woman holding a perfume from The Essence Vault to her nose, is perfume a good gift for mother's day?

The Intimate Nature 

Perfume is quite intimate in that it is a gift worn close to the skin and often becomes a key part of our everyday life. Not only does gifting your mum perfume on Mother's Day allow you to convey how well you know and understand her personality, but it also allows you to always be close to her on days you may not even be around.

Check out our best-selling perfumes for women and discover the perfect scent for Mum this Mother's Day. Be it a classic scent, citrus fragrance with notes of orange blossom or floral scents using light notes, we are here to ensure Mum receives the perfect gift this Mother's Day.


3 Reasons to Gift Mum a Perfume this Mother's Day



Perfumes are long-lasting and, in comparison to other popular Mother's Day gifts like flowers (48%) and chocolate (41%), a perfume will be there for your mum to use as often as she likes without fear of wilting or expiration - perfumes have a typical shelf life of three-to-five-years. 

Reignite Memories

Perfumes and fragrances have a unique ability to create and reignite memories. When humans smell a particular scent, it can activate the limbic system in the brain and evoke memories that seem long buried. This is also why wearing a specific perfume can remind you of a special occasion. Buying Mum perfume can transport her back to magical moments in her life, like her wedding day, graduation, or simply back to her teenage years to reminisce.

To Treat Her

Most mums won't treat themselves often, especially to perfume, with some being pricier than others. Data shows that 28% of consumers globally spend a medium amount on perfumes, followed by 18% who buy high-end/premium versions. 77% of mums admitted that they don't like spending money on themselves, so perfume is an excellent choice to treat Mum while saving her some pennies.

Our women's perfumes are designer-inspired, ranging from £4.95 (5ml sample) to £26.85 (100ml bottle), making them the perfect treat this Mother's Day without breaking the bank. You can even create your own bundle of 3 full-size fragrances currently for £49.99. 


Image showing a bundle of 3 designer inspired perfumes from The Essence Vault for £49.99, Is perfume a good gift for Mother's Day

5 Other Gorgeous Gifts for Mum

Perfume is a perfect gift to say 'I love you mum' but if you're looking to spoil Mum extra this Mother's Day, here are some of our other fave gifts to treat our mums to:

Wax Melts 

First created as a way to use up excess wax left over by candle makers, wax melts are a popular gift similar to candles but use a tealight holder to melt the wax and produce scents. They are super popular due to their affordability and versatility and allow you to control how much wax you use and, subsequently, how strong of an aroma they give off. 
image of wax melts from The Essence Vault, is perfume a good gift for Mother's Day


Candles are a gifter's dream, with a survey finding that 64% of consumers have given candles as a gift. Not only do they provide a pleasant aroma to any room when burning, but they also create a warm, calm ambience as the burning wick flickers.
Image of 3 woodwick candles from The Essence Vault, is perfume a good gift for mother's day


Vouchers are a nice gift for the fussy mum who needs more freedom to treat themselves. Consider clothing vouchers, perfume vouchers, or any type of voucher for that matter; give Mum the freedom to pick out something that she likes or has had her eye on for a while now without any pressure to pick the perfect gift. 
image of a gift card from The Essence Vault, is perfume a good gift for mother's day?

Spa Breaks 

Spa breaks are the ultimate gift to unwind, rejuvenate, and embrace pure bliss. It shows Mum that you care about her well-being and feel that she deserves a break to relax and unwind.


Pamper Sets 

Pamper sets often include a range of body lotions, body washes, and creams designed to provide relaxation, rejuvenation, and, above all, total self-care. Many bath and body pamper sets often have a theme or signature scent; for example, one set could be filled with products with a clean scent like cotton or another set filled with products with a fruity fragrance like strawberries. 


Our Final Thoughts

Is perfume a good gift for Mother's Day? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Perfume can evoke memories, create a sense of luxury, and make your mum feel special and appreciated. With so many options available, you can find a scent that truly reflects her personality and style, making it a thoughtful gift that she can use daily, reminding her of you. Just remember to consider her preferences and lifestyle when choosing a perfume! 

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift to treat mum on Mother's Day, check out our range of designer-inspired perfumes for women inspired by iconic designer fragrances at affordable prices. 

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