Paws Off! Are Reed Diffusers Safe for Pets?

For those of us who are lucky to have some super adorable furry friends in our lives, protecting them is at the heart of everything we do! That is why we pet owners need to understand the health risks of pretty much everything in our homes. One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to home fragrance is, 'Are reed diffusers safe for pets?' To answer that, let's look at the potential risks reed diffusers pose to our furry friends!


What Are Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers are a type of home fragrance product that allows different scents to continuously diffuse into the air inside your home, offering stunning scents that require little to no management.

They usually come in small bottles of essential oils and long reed sticks. These reed sticks absorb the diffuser oils and allow the scent to travel upwards and throughout your home. They are a lovely addition to any home for diffusing scents around a room while maintaining a sleek, sophisticated look.

A reed diffuser will usually arrive with three components: 

Fragrance Oil: this is usually a mixture of essential oils and a solution base.

Reed Sticks: which are traditionally made from natural rattan. These sticks soak up fragrance oils and diffuse the scent. 

Glass Bottle: to hold the fragrance oil and the reed sticks. 

image of someone holding a reed diffuser glass bottle from the essence vault, for the blog paws off! are reed diffusers safe for pets?

Are Reed Diffusers Safe for Pets?

Reed diffusers aren't particularly dangerous as they use non-toxic oils and don't require an open flame. When it comes to choosing the right scent, you know your pet better than we do, so if you notice your pet isn't vibing with your scent of choice, try removing the reeds to lessen the intensity or picking a new scent - at The Essence Vault, we use premium rattan reeds in our reed diffusers for high-quality scent delivery. 

In most cases, your furry friend will accept any scent you choose, but if you begin to notice any irritation or changes in their breathing, we recommend you consult a veterinarian. 

Similar to humans, pets like dogs and cats can develop allergies or become sensitive to substances like reed diffusers. This is because the oils can cause an adverse reaction as well ascontribute to the development of respiratory problems, skin irritations and chemical burns. 

Remember to consider any danger in the location where you choose to set up your reed diffuser. Pets can be quite curious and adventurous. We recommend placing your reed diffuser somewhere out of reach to keep your pets safe. This is to avoid spillages/breakage and protect your pets from broken glass or direct exposure to diffuser oils. 

image of a cat and a dog led on a yellow sofa, for the blog paws off! are reed diffusers safe for pets?

Are Reed Diffusers Safe for Pets to Breathe?

For us everyday humans, reed diffusers are very safe to breathe. However, we recommend taking a little precaution when utilising them in your home around your pets.

Pets are subject to respiratory issues such as asthma, which means breathing in new scents could be harmful via inhalation and, in some extreme cases, can overwhelm pets and result in psychological effects.

In terms of safety, reed diffusers can upset some of our furry friends more than others. Dogs in particular, are more prone to respiratory issues because they have a smaller lung capacity. Fragrances that are emitted and released into the air can trigger these respiratory issues and can result in your pets developing a cough or sneezing more often than normal. 

Further research has shown that cats with asthma or allergies shouldn’t be around any types of essential oils, which is something to consider for your kitty or any of your furry friends.


Reed Diffusers VS Electric Diffusers 

Those wanting a more intense, longer-lasting diffuser may be worth considering investing in an electric one. Our sleek and sophisticated electric diffusers come with dual mist modes and 4 sleep timer modes, designed for ultimate relaxation at the touch of a button. 

Electric diffusers differ from reed diffusers as they directly break down fragrances or essential oils to turn them into visible mist. This is then dispersed into your home to spread the aroma added to the diffuser.

In some ways, electric diffusers may last longer than reed diffusers. Electronic settings control when the mist is dispersed, whereas a reed diffuser is a constant aroma disperser. They also don't require batteries, flames or electricity like some plug-in diffusers. 

Both reed diffusers and electric diffusers have a variety of benefits. Reed diffusers are unique as they constantly diffuse scent without requiring heat, electricity or batteries to power them. 

However, electric diffusers offer a higher level of control regarding the fragrance's intensity. With the ability to choose the level of fragrance and frequency in which it is dispersed, you can tailor your scent experience to your personal preference. 


Our Final Thoughts 

When it comes to our furry family members, it's all paws on deck for safety! Reed diffusers can help diffuse gorgeous scents around our homes, but as with most things in our homes, considering the well-being of our pets is crucial. Reed diffusers are typically safe for humans and pets, but we recommend keeping a keen eye on your pets for any signs of discomfort or irritation.

Whether you opt for reed or electric diffusers, the goal is the same: a fragrant home where everyone breathes easily. So, let's keep those tails wagging and noses sniffing in comfort and style with a Reed Diffuser from The Essence Vault.
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