What is a Reed Diffuser vs an Electric Diffuser

Looking for a burst of fragrance in your home or office? Are you torn between a sleek, stylish, everyday reed diffuser and an automatic electric one? Our luxury reed and electric diffusers come with a range of fragrance options. In today's blog, we put these two fragrant products head to head in 'What is a Reed Diffuser vs an Electric Diffuser?'


What is a Reed Diffuser

...Where have you been? A reed diffuser is probably the most convenient fragrance product on the market right now, as it requires little to no setup and diffuses scents around the room through rattan reeds and fragrance oils.

Our reed diffusers will come in a glass bottle, a fragrance oil blend, and quality rattan reed sticks. The reeds are used to absorb the fragrance, and then they are flipped to create a long-lasting fragrance. 

What is an Electric Diffuser

An electric diffuser is a gadget used to spray fragrance oil mist into the air, similar to how humidifiers mist water in the air to increase the humidity. Electric diffusers spray mist into the air to keep areas like your home and office fresh and smelling good!

An electric diffuser from The Essence Vault allows users to select mist modes to customise their scent experience and utilise features like a sleep timer to create a soothing atmosphere.


Image of oils being inserted into electric diffuser, for the blog post What is a Reed Diffuser vs an Electric Diffuser

Reed Diffuser vs Electric Diffuser

We may be slightly biased, but what's the use in working for a brand if you can't scream and shout about how good their products are? Our reed and electric diffusers are the perfect additions to any space with their sleek and stylish designs and luxury fragrances, but like most things in life, they both have pros and cons!

Let's put both products head to head: 

Reed Diffusers


  • They are long-lasting. Reed diffuser fragrances can be long-lasting as they diffuse at your convenience. You control when the reeds are flipped and how often they disperse a scent. 
  • Easy to set up and use. Reed diffusers require unpacking and a simple setup before they’re ready to go. 
  • Compact and easy to store. Reed diffusers often arrive in slim bottles, so they don't take up too much space.
  • No flame, heat source or electricity is required. This is great for keeping children and visitors safe and those utility bills down!


  • Reed diffusers will eventually lose their scent, and buying replacement ones can be pricey and require some effort compared to simply replacing electric diffuser oils. 
  • A reed diffuser may not provide as strong a scent as electric diffusers. This is because the smell uses rattan reeds to diffuse the fragrance; if the reeds are not flipped, there will be no fragrance to emit.
  • It could be messy to replace reed diffuser oils. Re-filling the glass diffuser vessel could require a teeny tiny funnel to make this job easier!
  • Reed diffusers could be subject to damage and leakages. They typically come in glass bottles, which, if bumped or knocked, could shatter, cause oil leaks, and be hazardous for those around you, including any household pets.


Electric Diffusers


  • Total control. The big win when it comes to owning and using an electric diffuser is the control it offers. Electric diffusers from The Essence Vault offer the following benefits and modes: dual mist modes, sleep timer, extended run time, mains operated (no charging) and vegan, cruelty-free fragrance oils.
  • Easy to set up and use. Electric diffusers plug in at the mains and can be used immediately. 
  • Replenishing the fragrance oils is super easy. Fill the diffuser with water and add up to 15 drops of your fragrance oils.
  • The expected life span of an electric diffuser is around four to five years.


  • You guessed it, electric diffusers rely on electricity. Although there is little evidence to link electric diffusers to rising energy costs (the standard wattage of a diffuser is 12W0) because they're not heating anything, it is believed that they are pretty energy efficient. 
  • Cheaper electric diffusers can dilute and damage the oils. So, if you're looking for a quality electric diffuser that produces stunning mist and looks after your oils, see our luxury and affordable electric diffusers. 


Our Final Thoughts

Both reed and electric diffusers have unique benefits and drawbacks, making each suitable for different preferences and needs. Reed diffusers offer a simple, fuss-free, and constant fragrance with minimal setup and no need for electricity, which is perfect for a low-maintenance and safe option.

Electric diffusers provide customisable scent experiences and total control over mist modes and timers, ideal for those seeking versatility and stronger scents. Whether you're looking for sophistication and freedom with an electric diffuser or the sleek elegance of a reed diffuser, both options are available directly from The Essence Vault to diffuse your favourite fragrances around your living space. 

Discover our elegant range of fresh, fragrant Reed Diffusers and Electric Diffusers from The Essence Vault today!

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