The Best Fragrances for Summer (Our Top 10)

Are you looking to find the perfect summer scent that suits the warm weather and your personal style? Choosing the right fragrance can be tough, especially when you want to find a scent that captures the essence of summer. From fruity and floral to fresh and citrusy, there are many fragrances to choose from. Whether you're looking for a signature scent or something to match the sunny vibes of the season, we've got you covered with 10 of our best fragrances for summer!


What Makes a Summer Fragrance?

Summer is just around the corner, and we are ready for sunbathing, evenings in the garden, and jetting off someplace HOT! As the seasons begin to change, so do our fashion and beauty habits; SPF is no longer a 'maybe', and wearing jeans almost feels illegal, but how does the summer season affect our fragrance choices?  

Fragrances don't necessarily have strict seasons, but some scents are more apparent and seasonal than others. For example, around Christmas time, the scent of cinnamon is pretty hard to escape, right?

Traditionally, in the summertime, the go-to fragrances are fuelled with light floral, citrus and aquatic notes. Winter fragrances usually lean towards woody, heavier notes like leather, cedar and musk. 

Summer perfumes that are light and delicate, featuring sweet and floral scents like jasmine, rose, and vanilla, create an air of freshness and sophistication. These notes evoke a sense of beauty and romance, making them perfect for turning up the summer heat!

If you're on a journey to find your signature scent, see our recent blog post, 'Discover Your Scent: How to Choose Perfume'.


How to Wear Fragrances in Summer

The perfect summer fragrance is light and fresh, as these scents will likely complement the warm weather more. However, as direct heat can force perfumes to evaporate quicker, your fragrance strategy in summer needs a little tweaking. We suggest keeping your application small yet frequent; top up your scent throughout the day as you feel it begin to fade.

We also suggest avoiding the neck area in summer as you apply your perfume. This is because the heat can cause the scent to rise, and for those of us who suffer from hayfever (not fun), breathing in strong scents could cause allergies to flare up and worsen. 

Lastly, to avoid any irritation between UV rays and your fragrance of choice, it is best to spray perfume in places that don't see much sun, such as under your clothes or your hair.


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The 10 Best Fragrances for Summer

Have you ever wondered which of our luxurious fragrances are the perfect perfumes to accompany you on your summer adventures? Understanding which fragrances are better suited to summertime is more about the seasonality of the scent and wearability. Below, we've listed ten summer staples to keep you smelling fresh on those hot summer days.

Inspired by Sweet Bergamot and Lily

Inspired by Sweet Bergamot and Lily is a luxurious scent infused with floral and sweet scent featuring top notes of bergamot, middle notes of orange and citrus and base notes of lily. 

497 Inspired by Milesime Imperial

497 Inspired Milesime Imperial is a complex unisex fragrance that features top notes of fruit and sea salt, infused with middle notes of Sicilian lemon and base notes of sea and musk. This fragrance comes alive in the heat, allowing fresh richness to impact those around you.

144 Inspired by La Vie Est Belle

A genuinely fragrant member of the floral fragrance family. Wearing 144 Inspired by La Vie Est Belle is like frolicking through a flower garden on a hot summer day. The scent is sharp with warm vanilla undertones, producing a sophisticated and elegant fragrance infused with pear, blackcurrant, jasmine and vanilla. 

17 Inspired by Daisy

17 Inspired by Daisy is a luxury fragrance that’s fresh and feminine, offering refreshing lightness and a sensual warmth to wearers. This scent falls into the floral fragrance family with top notes of violet and strawberry, middle notes of violet and gardenia and finally, base notes of vanilla musk. 

14 Inspired by FlowerBomb

Seductively scent-sational. 14 Inspired by FlowerBomb is infused with centifolia rose, freesia and orchid to create a sweet oriental scent. FlowerBomb features prominent notes of bergamot, patchouli and jasmine to create a summer scent perfect for everyday wear. 

444 Inspired by Lost Cherry

444 Inspired by Lost Cherry is a fan favourite. It’s a fruitful scent featuring top notes of sour cherry, middle notes of roses and base notes of sandalwood and vetiver. Although notoriously dark, this seductive scent is sweeter than cherries, making it the perfect scent for summer. 

317 Inspired by Sweet Like Candy

Fruity, floral and fun! 317 Inspired by Sweet Like Candy is a subtle scent featuring top notes of blackberry and bergamot blended with the middle notes of jasmine sambac to create a show-stopper of a fragrance. The base notes of vanilla and marshmallow complete this unique fragrance, leaving you smelling sweeter than candy. 

8 Inspired by Elie Saa

8 Inspired by Elie Saa, is the epitome of floral femininity, featuring fresh orange and subtle hints of jasmine to increase the longevity of this scent. This fragrance offers any wearer a fresh-scented radiance, perfect for days spent in the summer sun.

741 Inspired by Flora Gorgeous Jasmine

Let us transport you to a blooming garden of summer flowers with 741 Inspired by Flora Gorgeous Jasmine, an intoxicating scent of jasmine and floral notes. This fragrance brings togethertop notes of mandarin and black pepper with middle notes of jasmine and damask rose blended with sandalwood and patchouli base notes. 

140 Inspired by Angel 

A combination of chocolate, coffee, and sweet caramel, 140, Inspired by Angel, is an explosive scent comprised of top notes, including peppermint and lavender, middle notes of coffee beans and tar, and infused with base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, caramel, and chocolate. 


Our Final Thoughts

As summer approaches, it's time to refresh your summer perfume collection with light, fresh and floral scents to complement the hot weather. Our top 10 summer fragrances all feature different notes to meet your individual preference and keep you smelling fresh and invigorated throughout the season. 

Discover our full range of men's and women's perfumes and find your perfect summer scent today!

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